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A Code of Good Practice for Hainan Tilapia Farming
The 2nd Edition (2016)

To promote healthy, responsible and environment-friendly tilapia farming models in Hainan, the Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance (hereafter ‘the Alliance’) organized national and local aquaculture experts along with representatives of farms, hatcheries and processing plants to jointly develop a Code of Good Practice (CoGP). As a result of the first industry-led initiative to set up a benchmark for tilapia farming community in Hainan, the Code aims to provide technical guidance on how to raise tilapia in an efficient and responsible way, featured by disease control and pollution mitigation. The execution of the Code will help reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and medicines that potentially threaten consumer’s health and natural environment, while improving farmer’s livelihood with better quality of fish.

This is the second public version of the Code issued by the Alliance in April 2016, which has been applied to 35 pilot farms in Hainan. Through a trial-and-error process, the Alliance will keep revising and updating the Code and monitoring the implementation of the Code. Eventually, this Code will be disseminated to all tilapia farms in Hainan as a voluntary standard.