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  •   Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. was founded in August 2007with a total area of 50000 square meters. In 2018the raw material processing capacity re ...[查看详细]

    The laboratory of Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. was built in 2009 with the company and successfully passed the ISO/IEC17025 national laboratory accreditation in May 2012. The ...[查看详细]
      Hainan Qinfu Foods Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2007which was wholly invested & Owned by Hainan Qinfu Industry Co.,Ltd.a Key “Dragon Head” Agric ...[查看详细]
    • Tilapia Fillet,Shallow Sk
    • Tilapia Fillet,Skin On
    • Tilapia Fillet,Deep Skinn
    • Tilapia Fillet,Super Deep
    • Frozen Tilapia Gutted &Sc
    • Packing Case of Tilapia F
    • Gift Box of Tilapia Fille
    • Red Tilapia Block
    • Frozen Red Tilapia Whole
    • Frozen Red Tilapia Gutted
    • Coconut Flavor Bread Tila
    • Tilapia Head
    • Tilapia Skin
    • Tilapia Chin
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